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Fuck you :iconzosolover202:ZoSoLover202 3 3
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With a Shadow of Doubt Prelude
The woods sang.
  Did they? Or was it me, sitting characteristically alone on a mossy stump. I stared at nothing, yet everything that was my life. I smiled as a moth fluttered around my head.
I’m a social moth!
  Honestly, I couldn’t remember the exact route that had gotten me to this stump. Which is indicative of my entire life. I started to weep and the tears felt deliciously cold running down my cheeks.  I wiped them off with the sleeve of my jacket, and looked down at it. I laughed to myself as I realized how much I had changed for her. The jeans from salvation army, the jacket from American Apparel. They clashed hilariously in brand. All for her to call me less of a man.
“Why do you do this to me?” She had asked.
“Do what?  I didn’t even say anything.”
“I know, that’s exactly it. You never say anything! I tell you I just want to be friends and you look at me.” she shook her h
:iconzosolover202:ZoSoLover202 1 4
Far Away by ZoSoLover202 Far Away :iconzosolover202:ZoSoLover202 2 9
Why would you like me?
My insecurities breed like rabbits, ever multiplying.
Like a god,  they are omnipresent, and ever wrathful.
If a miracle is possible
Maybe you could save me,
Just maybe.
My fingers tap on a hollow desk, or keys that rattle.
And I wonder why life is waiting
For a car, for a job, for the life I always wanted
Satisfaction is non-existent when you can only
Want more.
I stand at the corner, anticipating disappointment
I reel in so much doubt.
Are you there? Are you coming? Have you already come and gone?
Why can’t these thoughts fade away like my dreams do?
You arrive on time and relief is overshadowed by your beauty.
If I am lost, you pointed me in the right direction,
I only hope one day I’ll be able to find you,
and stand by your side,
Without the fear that you are just another mirage.
:iconzosolover202:ZoSoLover202 1 11
The Ode to Life
  To the unfair realization that everything is the way someone else wants it to be.
  To the mother that gives up her offspring.
  To the father that holds onto his.
  To the son without either.
  To the beings haunted by a made up sin
  To the man who wasn’t meant to be a man
  To the woman that wasn’t meant to be a woman
  To the socially unacceptable.
  To the ones society overlooked as acceptable
  To the quiet and unobtrusive
  To the obnoxious and blunt
  To the hated
  the loved
  and the one that wasn’t important enough to be either
  To the wrong and the right and everyone in between,
  Here is to you, because we are all just living.
:iconzosolover202:ZoSoLover202 0 6
And they all laughed by ZoSoLover202 And they all laughed :iconzosolover202:ZoSoLover202 0 0



ba da ba da bop ba da
United States
Let us destroy worlds.

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I don't understand anything. It's hard to figure out what I should do when I can't understand myself. I've been through some hard times even in this new year, but i have to say, for the first time, I think it might all just turn out okay.

I think when it comes to the overall events in our life, you can only hope for okay. But some are great. Some are beautiful, some are pretty much the only thing that matters. Some are just what I've been needing. And that is more than okay.


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